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Humanist Wedding Celebrant

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Humanist Weddings FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions I get asked about having a Humanist Wedding in Ireland.

If you don't see the information you were looking for feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your query.

As Legal Celebrants we are bound by the Current Government and HSE guidelines around Wedding ceremonies and Numbers etc.

If you wish to contact any of the other celebrants you can find their details on the HAI Main Website

Q: Is a humanist wedding a legally binding ceremony?

A: Yes, if it is conducted according to the Civil Registration Act 2004, as amended in 2012 and 2015). This requires that the each part of the couple to be married must be:

  • aged over 18 years,

  • mentally capable to understand the importance of the legal contract they are signing,

  • not related to each other,

  • not already married, and

  • not under duress.

The couple must give notice to a HSE Registrar’s Office – refer to . The notice period is 3 months unless exceptional circumstances apply.

The marriage must take place in a place open to the public especially on the day of the wedding. Your celebrant will advise you about the suitability of your proposed venue. The couple must freely consent to be spouses in the presence of two named witnesses and a registered solemniser. Celebrants accredited by the HAI are all registered solemnisers and may legally solemnise the marriage without a separate registry office wedding.


Q: Is a humanist wedding the right option for me?

A: Humanist weddings are wonderful and personal ceremonies. One of the tenets of humanism is a tolerance for others who hold different belief systems. Therefore everyone feels included during a humanist ceremony.

However, humanists have no belief in a god or the supernatural, relying on scientific evidence and appreciation of the world around us and the achievements of humans. So our ceremonies are secular and non-religious occasions. They are designed to be a positive option for those who share the same philosophical belief system as humanists whether you wish to call yourself a humanist or not, and even whether you are a member of any humanist association or not.

Please think carefully about this choice. If you think you don’t share the same philosophy, or you actually believe in a god or the supernatural, then perhaps a humanist ceremony is not the right choice for you. There are many other organisations out there that would be a more appropriate vehicle for your special day.

If you wish to discuss this more, please contact your celebrant. Celebrants’ contact details:


Q: Can I get married outdoors?


A: Yes, provided that the ceremony takes place in a venue open to the public and clearly identifiable by an address. Your celebrant will advise you as to the suitability of your proposed venue.

Q: I am non-religious but my partner/fiancé(e) is religious – is there a ceremony that will embrace both our sets of beliefs?

A: One of the tenets of humanism is a tolerance for others who hold different belief systems, therefore everyone feels included during a humanist ceremony.


Q: How much does a humanist wedding ceremony cost?


A: Your Wedding Ceremony will cost €470 (this includes a €70 contribution to the HAI to confirm your booking and is paid through their website). I am based in Shannon Co. Clare and depending on your venue location a flat rate of €50 may apply. I do not charge a per mile/KM fee. Fees may vary from celebrant to celebrant, particularly if the venue is some distance away, as the celebrant will need to add expenses such as travel, and possibly accommodation, costs.


Q: On what days of the week can I get married?


A: Humanist celebrants are not restricted as regards time of day, or day of the week, month or year.


Q: I am trying to organise my wedding in Ireland but live abroad – how do I do it?


A: You should try to decide on a venue and date and then contact a celebrant, as discussed above.
You can obtain a form from a registry office which allows you to give notice of your intent to marry by post –,%20couples%20living%20outside%20of%20the%20state.html

Due to the unprecedented demand for humanist wedding ceremonies, you may find it difficult to find a celebrant available on a given date. Hence we recommend that you only provisionally book a venue until you have secured a celebrant’s services. It is advisable to check if a celebrant is available for a particular date before you confirm the venue booking.


Q: How long does a Humanist wedding ceremony take


A: The duration of the ceremony will depend on the amount of content you choose to include. The more readings, music, and other elements you include can increase the duration, but it typically lasts about 25-35 minutes. If in doubt, please discuss the duration with your celebrant.

Q: One of my parents is deceased and we would like to remember him/her in our ceremony. Can we?


A: Yes, it is quite common to acknowledge early on in the ceremony that there are loved ones who are no longer with us and to have a short pause to remember them with love. Some couples light a remembrance candle. Please discuss this with your celebrant because different celebrants will have different approaches.

You can contact other Celebrants around the country on the Celebrants page on the main HAI website (Be aware they are very busy so plan well ahead!)


Once I have confirmed availability for your date By Email or on the phone you can pay your registration fee of €70 on the Organizations website on the link below.

Pay your Outstanding Fee
(€370 - If no travel fee and €100 deposit paid)

Pay your Outstanding Fee
(€420 - including travel fee an €100 deposit paid)

If you paid your deposit of €70 on the HAI site
(€450 - including travel fee)

If you paid your deposit of €70 on the HAI site
(€400 - no travel fee)

Information on Civil Weddings on HSE Site - 

Checklist for Marriage Notification - HSE