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  • Pat Clarke-Browne

Can I include my Dog in my wedding ceremony?

In Humanist weddings, where personalization is key, your cherished dog can certainly be a part of your celebration. Recognizing pets as family members, our ceremonies welcome the inclusion of your canine companion, should the venue be accommodating.

Roles for Your Canine Companion:

We can integrate your dog into the ceremony in various ways. Your dog could serve as the ring-bearer, the flower ‘pup’, or even walk you down the aisle.

For those who prefer, a ‘Dog of Honour’ or ‘Best Boy’ can stand in place of traditional roles.

Preparing Your Pet: To ensure a smooth ceremony, it’s advisable to practice the assigned roles with your dog and have treats on hand for encouragement. A pre-ceremony walk is also recommended to help them stay calm and content during the event.

Caring for Your Dog: Assign a trusted friend or relative to be your dog’s caretaker for the ceremony, equipped with all the essentials. They should be prepared to step out with your dog if needed, ensuring comfort for both your pet and the guests.

Dressing Your Dog: When it comes to attire, the choice is yours. From floral crowns to bow ties, as long as your dog is at ease, they can dress to impress.

Inclusion of Other Pets:

While dogs are common participants, horses too can be part of your special day. Cats, however, may be less inclined to engage, though they might grace the event with their presence in a more relaxed setting.

This approach maintains the essence of the original content while offering a fresh perspective on including pets in humanist wedding ceremonies.

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