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Humanist Weddings In Clare


Living in Shannon, I love a good Clare wedding! (Even though I am a Limerick man!)

The scenery and the amazing venues really help to make them something special. 


Over the years as a Celebrant I have been to most of the amazing locations around the county and can help you with any questions or Ideas you might have and my past work as a Wedding photographer might help with some location suggestions! Take a look at the images in the gallery for some inspiration from just a few of the possible locations for your ceremony or just great spots for Photos.

Humanist Weddings in Clare are very popular and lots of the Venues are perfect for either a big or small ceremony. The Micro Wedding trend since Covid has had a lot of people go for more scenic locations in Clare suitable to their smaller numbers. So from Ennis to Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher you have plenty of choices for your Legal Humanist Wedding Ceremony in Clare.

There are several amazing outdoor locations like Hags Head that are suitable for the Legal component as well as they meet the HSE requirements. Contact me if you have any questions about Getting Married in County Clare.

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Featured Venue's -
Hotel Doolin - Co. Clare

Hotel Doolin in County Clare is a distinctive wedding venue that stands out for its commitment to sustainability and its unique, alternative approach to weddings. Here’s what makes it an exceptional choice:

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