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What to do if you have to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The first thing you should do is check with your venue. Most venues are giving couples alternative dates later this year or next year. Be aware that a lot of venues will already be busy for 2021/2022 with a lot of weekend dates already being taken. You may find that you are offered Sundays or Fridays or even other weekdays.

The HSE are currently extending your "Green Book" for 6 Months from the original date but once you have a new date please let them know ASAP they will reissue paperwork where appropriate.

Check with your vendors and Celebrant to see what date will get you the most of them available for you and a date you are happy with then confirm that date with your venue and vendors. Due to the uncertainty around the current situation venues and vendors are just like the couples waiting to hear what the next step from the Government as to what will follow the current Lockin situation.

Most Vendors if they are unavailable will help you find an alternative from the people they know in the industry. Vendors policy on deposit refunds can vary and can depend on the amount of notice given.

My personal policy if I cannot do the clients new date and cannot find another Humanist celebrant to cover the new date is to fully refund the deposit paid, be aware that all Humanist celebrants are independent and may have different policies than I have.

Once you have chosen your new date and have found replacement vendors where required. Send out your "Take 2" invites perhaps by email or do a Social Media announcement, you don't really need to do another round of Full Invites unless you want to of course!

Take a break from the stress and enjoy the new build up to your new date!

If you are looking for vendors I am proud to be a member of The Limerick Wedding professionals and if you are looking for vendors is a great place to start.

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