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Streaming your Ceremony Live!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I offer a free live streaming option with multiple cameras for all my couples, but if you are using another celebrant or want to do it yourself here are some helpful hints!

What platform will I use?

Zoom is the most common choice but remember you are limited on the length of your live session on the free version so don't start it till right before your ceremony. Currently you get 45min for free then everyone gets kicked out and you would need to re-join the session. Its not that expensive to go for the full unlimited version and a monthly subscription is available so perhaps go for that and you can always cancel your subscription afterwards!

You can also record your zoom session to watch back download or share later.

If you are recording remember it's the view you see on the device recording that's going to be in the video so if you are in gallery view that's what your video will be. If you just want the "Ceremony Camera" then pin that view. It's a good idea to do a trial run to get things right.

You can have more than one device on the session for example I have a tablet in the session so the couple can see those that are in the Zoom session and wave to them! Remember to turn the sound off in that device so you don't get feedback from the two devices (Practice!)


You can go live on Facebook but be careful where you set this up if you go live on your profile everyone who is your friend can see it but perhaps if you want to be more selective you can create a Facebook group and invite those who you want to see your ceremony into the group then go live there. Facebook does not currently limit the length of your live session.

Other options?

You can use other streaming services like Instagram WhatsApp or Twitch if you are more familiar with those systems but again a test run is always a good idea! Get a few of your wedding party to join the test session to ensure everything is working.


Your mobile phone is fine as a video camera most modern phones have amazing cameras and are really easy to use. But for a good result here are a few things you should think about.

A Tripod

This is really a requirement because with all the best will in the world the person hand holding the phone will start to sway after 5min or so! it's quite taxing to hold your hands steady for a long time!

Here are links to a few cheap ones





Mounts and Accessories

Whelans Cameras in Limerick are great and post nationwide

Better sound?

As I said most phones will do great video but sound can be an issue, again test the setup and see if people in the session can hear properly good picture with bad sound is annoying for those watching. Position the camera nearby so it picks up as much as possible.

You can spend some money on better microphones for your device if you wish but again get it in advance and test it out.

Hire a professional?

There are several companies available who can not only shoot your wedding video but can also provide live streaming solutions for you as well. It will have a cost but it will remove the stress of doing it yourself!

Feel free to drop me an email if I can be of any help with questions about live streaming.


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