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Funeral Planning For End of Life

As a celebrant part of my job is to help those approaching the end of their life to plan the funeral they wish to have.

I have dealt with many people suffering form Long term illness who have to suffer without any legal options to end their suffering.

End of Life Ireland are working on giving people access to a well managed and protected system giving them a choice in how they die. This is after a rigorous process to ensure no abuse or coercion is possible.

End of Life Ireland (EOLI) is a volunteer led advocacy group. EOLI believes people faced with a terminal illness should have the right to choose how to die. The law should respect that right and honour their personal autonomy. The end of life is an essential part of life, deserving of dignity. It involves not only the individual but one’s network of social relations from family and friends to carers and wider society.

You can find out more about their team here -

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